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Transportlogy offers you an all-in-one solution for transport & logistics companies as an ERP system for SMEs. From customer management, fleet management and human resources to finance and accounting. In addition, it can be connected through API interfaces to other systems such as: GPS providers. Everything at a glance with just one platform!

ERP Software, ERP System Transport, ERP Software für KMU
  • Personnel file
  • Roster
  • Time recording
  • Absences & Vacation
  • Task Management
  • Driver information
  • Accounting registrations & deregistrations
  • Customer file
  • Order entry
  • Invoice overview
  • Document management
  • Task Management
  • Driver information
  • Accounting registrations & deregistrations
  • Vehicle file with document management
  • Automatic service / §57a appraisal tracking & appointment request at your predefined car workshop
  • Damage history
  • Assignment of penalties to the vehicle and/or driver
  • Funding management
  • GPS connection
  • Fuel consumption control through fuel card import
  • Offers
  • Order entry
  • Invoicing
  • Recurring invoices
  • Automatic reminder system
  • Manage incoming invoices
  • Sales statistics

This question can be answered quite simply. Time costs money!

With Transportlogy, the ERP software for SMEs and large companies, you keep track of EVERYTHING. No more time-consuming searches for employee documents, looking up when the next service is due, or paperwork with driving logs and time records.

After you have created the master data of the employees and uploaded the documents, many things can be automated. Registration and deregistration with accounting with only 1 click incl. the corresponding documents, the registered working time and position; send driver information with automatically filled in personal data to the responsible office with only 1 click; reminder before expiration of the residence permit or driver’s license, and much more. A transport ERP software for employee management helps you to have a clear personnel file with document management.

After entering the master data of the vehicles, the system automatically reminds you about service or the “Pickerl” and makes an appointment request at your pre-set workshop. Import fuel card data and the system will check and notify you if the average fuel consumption has been exceeded. We can also connect GPS systems and work with the data, such as notification when AdBlue drops to a defined value or other engine warnings. After entering the leasing contracts and data once, you will receive an overview of leasing contracts and installments that are still to be paid.

Our ERP software makes life easier for you and your employees and saves a lot of time. Precious time that you can invest in other important things. Most of the time, many transport companies waste on writing invoices. With a unique “invoices to be released” feature, your department managers can also write invoices, but they must first be released by you and only then sent to the customer.

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