Fleet Management

Fleet Management Software


Management of cars, trucks, vans, load boards, excavators, etc. as well as vehicle data such as: dimensions, tires, locations, department or historization of driver...


Management all types of appointments. Pickerl, driver's licenses, fire extinguisher, maintenance, leasing rate, insurance, etc. Incl. automated workflows and follow-up on overdue deadlines.


Contract management: leasing contracts, insurance, cell phone contracts, financing, rent, purchase contract, rental contract, fuel card agreement. Leasing car value analysis & evaluations

Tank data & merchandise management

Import fuel data from all major fuel card providers. Consumption evaluations and analyses of used km and tours. Merchandise management, material allocation to staff.

Vehicle & Driver License

Driver's license check with automatic messages. In case of driver change damage and functional scope control system with digital form incl. Upload images

Statistics & Reporting

Everything under control thanks to numerous statistics. Achieve full data and cost transparency with the integrated report modules as well as repair costs, fuel consumption analysis or working material in the inventory management system, and much more.


Extensive driver management: driver information, processing of fines, deposit of driver's license data, certificate, driver appointment management, Event logs, etc.


Record and historize repairs and parts. Tracking of service and warranty cases, management of repair orders, tires incl. Tire change. Event logs.

Damage Management

Create and manage damage files. Deposit of photos, invoices. Documentation of claims processing, tracking of open claims and history.

Document management

Management of documents such as invoices, registration certificate, type certificate, vehicle documents, pictures, fines, penalty notices, PDF documents or similar files.

Costs and receipts

Manage and import receipts in a clear and traceable manner. Evaluate and analyze costs. Consideration of any number of cost types.

GPS tracking interface

The Fleet Manager interfaces with ARVENTO, SAMSARA, MAPON, STREETWATCH, GEOTAB and other providers, which are optionally available. In Transportlogy, all GPS tracking data is regularly synchronized with the fleet manager.

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With the fleet software you manage all vehicles with one click!

In the area of fleet management, our Transportlogy software gives you many advantages over your competitors. We offer you an all-in-one fleet management software solution that is entirely digital, location-independent and lightning fast.

We reduce your stress!

The advanced system developed by Kodlogy Technologies Ltd. frees you from your worries. The Transportlogy software program takes care of all your vehicles and allows you to do the following, among other things:

  • Lightning fast management of vehicles and drivers
  • Manage vehicle & driver license with one click
  • Management of documents and contracts in seconds
  • Hassle-free management of your appointments
  • Facilitation in repair and claims management
  • Unproblematic management of costs, receipts and tank data
  • Modern enterprise resource planning
  • GPS interface and display of vehicles in the Transportlogy dashboard
  • Matching data with the GPS system, AdBlue warning, matching fuel data with KM consumed, etc.
  • Whole statistics & reporting in one window

Transportlogy – All in One Fleet Management Software

Fleet Management & Drivers

The registration of all vehicle data and driver data takes place within seconds thanks to our advanced software. This will save your administration time and let you get started without any problems. The user-friendly interface of our software can be used carefully and without problems with ease. You can determine which vehicle is assigned to which driver. All data is reliably stored in our own highly secured servers and additionally a backup of it is taken. This will not cause any data to be lost!

Management of documents and contracts!

Our transport & logistics software is always kept up to date and is always in the latest state. Therefore, the management of documents and contracts for all your vehicles is ready and operational in seconds. (e.g.: Invoices, registration certificates, type certificates, vehicle registration certificates, leasing contracts, insurance policies, cell phone contracts, fuel card agreements, purchase contracts, rental agreements, images, fines, penalty notices, PDF documents or similar files). Through the created user roles, certain employees and you have access to the documents and contracts at any time 24/7 and worldwide. With our advanced search filter, you can instantly access the documents and contracts you are looking for.

Automatic appointment for service & §57a appraisal (Pickerl)

The more data you fill in, the more the system can do! The goal of Transportlogy is to save working time and/or personnel. When you enter the date of the pickerl and the next service, the system automatically makes an appointment request to the workshop that you have entered for the respective service. Thus, it is not forgotten, and an appointment is made in a timely manner.

Hassle-free management of your appointments!

The management of an appointment calendar must be neat and always visible, so that the appointments are not overlooked. In the meantime, our modern Transportlogy software is so sophisticated that you won’t forget a single appointment. Finally, once you have entered the appointments (for example: for service, maintenance, fire extinguisher, lease payment, insurance, etc.), you will always be reminded by our push notifications (daily, weekly, monthly or yearly). As a result, you will not miss any deadlines and will always keep them.

Facilitation in repair and claims management!

Repairs and claims management are very important aspects of Transport & Logistics. So that you do not have to pay for multiple damages at once during the repair, we have developed the Transportlogy software program. In this way, we take away the biggest burden and make it easier for you. After reporting the damage to the relevant insurance company, you can document the damage in a flash and archive it for years. This allows you to quickly access the documents of the associated vehicle in the event of a car transfer/return and to see if any new damage has been inflicted.

Unproblematic management of costs, receipts and tank data!

Transportlogy software is much more advanced in the area of costs, receipts and inventory management than you think! Seeing stored tank data can be done by many programs, but working with this data is a whole other world and in this field we are specialists. You can specify the average consumption for each vehicle. This allows you to see which driver was economical or wasteful. In addition, you can specify a tolerance such as 10 liters when refueling, which will prevent unlawful refueling with your fuel card. Another evil, which can become a major problem, is AdBlue. Transportlogy receives the data from your GPS provider and warns you when the AdBlue drops to a certain limit. Thus, you always have an overview of all important data, can view analyses and statistics. More profit by saving expenses!

Modern enterprise resource planning!

With our logistics software you have not only the usual inventory management system, but also an additional use for your internal logistics. You can see which employee has which internal materials (e.g..: Work clothes, work shoes, safety gloves, helmets, BEGEH card, high-visibility vest, duty cell phone, call number, etc.) and can credit them in case of loss. What we offer is that you can record and track all of your employees’ equipment in our system. For example, after an employee’s employment is terminated, you can track in the Transportlogy logistics software what equipment the employee received when he or she started work. Thus, you have everything in view and can not overlook the little things that add up to a lot of money!

Precise GPS tracking of all vehicles!

Transportlogy logistics software interfaces with ARVENTO, SAMSARA, MAPON, STREETWATCH, GEOTAB and similar providers, which are currently the best choice for GPS tracking. In this regard, the software program Transportlogy with the Fleet Manager can show you the GPS locations of all vehicles always up to date. This allows you to see where your vehicles are currently located within a single program. You can watch all the tracking in the dashboard.

Whole statistics & reporting in one window!

Thanks to our integrated report module, you can see your statistics and analysis about your costs or inventory management in our transport software in the dashboard. This allows you to brainstorm with your team again and again and can increase the efficiency of your business.

Fleet Management Software

Managing your fleet with Transportlogy, the all in one software for transport & logistics companies creates a new era of connected vehicles for your business, providing advanced data and insights to fully optimize your operations.

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