Personalmanagement Software, Personalverwaltungssoftware, Mitarbeiterverwaltung Software

Human Resources Management Software

All data always and everywhere with you

Personnel data management

General personnel data or specific career development information - entered into a digital employee management software from Transportlogy.

Personnel document management

Before an employee starts the first day of work, numerous documents have to be created as well as a service contract, personnel sheet, driver's license, registration form, etc. Fast and uncomplicated upload.

Time recording

Record your employees' working hours and breaks in seconds from any device. Duty times and overtime are displayed transparently and calculated automatically.

Additional functions

User role management, ToDo task assignment, driver information, internal - external or direct notification of logon & logoff to accounting, email single & bulk, event, statistics, online employee portal, multi-user, teamwork and much more...

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Save time with Transportlogy thanks to personnel management software!

Thanks to our perfectly developed software, you can manage your employees with just a few clicks. Transportlogy software increases your company’s time recovery.

Lightning fast management of employees!

We as Kodlogy help you to keep track of all employees and not to waste time with administration.

With our personnel management software you have a great advantage over your competitors!

In the area of employee management we offer:

  • Login for employees (back office, fleet manager, drivers, etc.)
  • User roles system with permissions for each employee
  • Manage employees quickly
  • Upload documents highly secured with one click
  • Create individual events for each employee
  • Online employee portal
  • Find created employees in seconds
  • Record working times with any end device
  • Create to-do tasks individually (one-time, daily, weekly, etc.)
  • Registration and deregistration of employees

Our employee management software gives you a head start in employee management!

Personnel management software with user roles

Do you have multiple cost centers or departments? With our software system you can determine yourself who is allowed to manage your employees and who has access for the portal. Thus, you have everything at a glance and can react at lightning speed. As a result, you as a company have your employees under control. You can determine the access rights while creating your employees. Each function within the system is bound to the user role. Should the function only be displayed? Should editing be possible? Is the employee allowed to delete what he sees? Transportlogy is more than just an employee management software.

Manage employees quickly!

As a business, you shouldn’t be spending your precious time managing your employees. We offer you a system that lets you manage your employees in seconds. As a result, you can invest more time in important things in your business. Under Personnel, you can create your employees or edit existing employees at any time without wasting time, in a flash. Driver information can be automatically filled out directly in a driver’s profile, automatically generated with the necessary data such as driver’s license number, issuing authority, date of birth and location, and sent to the competent authority. In addition, you can apply penalties to both the driver and the associated vehicle. These can be included directly in the billing.

Digital personnel file with the personnel management software!

Meanwhile, you can upload your employees’ documents to our highly secured cloud with just one click and use them for your accounting. For this reason, you can continue your work in peace and don’t need to worry about the files’ security. No more paperwork with countless folders, but everything ready to hand online at any time and dispatch possible with a mouse click.

Online employee portal!

Meanwhile, companies lose track of their current and former employees after a while. In the employee profile, you enter all the necessary data, including industry-specific data that is automatically filled in for mails for driver information or registrations and deregistrations for accounting. Date of start of service, with many hours registered, place of birth, driver’s license number, driver’s license classes, expiration date of driver’s license, qualifications, if available residence permit and expiration date, and much more. You will automatically receive a notification before your driver’s license or residence permit expires, so you are always on the safe side legally.

Employee management software with document management

You want to find documents or data of your employees? With the search function, you can obtain the documents and data of your employees in seconds. This way you won’t waste your invaluable time on a cumbersome search in quite a few folders.

Duty rosters, time recording & absences

Why do you and your employees struggle with work schedules? Get into our Transportlogy system and let your employees create their own working hours with overtime and breaks in compliance with the law. Each employee can enter their own working hours from their cell phone. The working times are then checked and forwarded directly to the accounting department. Time recording is directly linked to the duty roster. In our personnel management software, you can also create absences such as vacation, sick leave, nursing leave. Employees can upload sick leave or time confirmations from the APP.

To-Do List for your employees!

To keep your employees’ work allocation on track and worry-free every day, you can create a digital to-do list for your employees and send them reminders. Afterwards, you and your employees will know what needs to be done and with what urgency. The list can be created individually for each employee. You can also specify whether the list should be created daily, weekly or monthly. Thanks to our push notification system, employees are always reminded in time (e.g.: a to-do reminder: clean the vehicle every Friday! Or check the documents of the vehicle every Monday!).

Logon and logoff directly via the personnel management software!

Do you want to register a new employee or deregister someone? The whole thing should be done quickly, carefully and properly. Therefore, we have developed a system that performs this part in seconds, attentively and according to regulations. The documents required for registration are automatically added to the mail template and the content of the email is automatically filled in with information such as first and last name, policy number, registration date and weekly hours. The email is then forwarded to the appropriate accounting department, whether it is Internal or External Accounting. This allows your employee to start working in a timely manner. The same is of course true for the deregistration, where the content is automatically filled in with the resignation date specified in the employee profile.

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