Kundenverwaltung Software, Kundenmanagement Software, Kundenverwaltungsprogramm

Customer management Software

All info available at the touch of a button

Clear customer file

All contact information at your fingertips. Company, address, social media profiles, Orders, invoices and more can now be found clearly in the customer profile.

Documents and notes

Make a note of important comments such as call protocols or creditworthiness directly in the customer profile. Manage all important documents directly online.

Online customer portal

All offers and invoices are available 24/7 online with own customer access data. Your customers can pay invoices online using all common payment methods.

Additional functions of the customer management software

Conveniently schedule meetings and calls with the appointment calendar. Single & bulk mail & newsletter, event, statistics and much more.

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Time is money! Save time with our customer management software!

Start a new era and invest more time in value-adding activities and reduce administrative overhead with our software solution for transportation, logistics, car rental and cab companies. Transportlogy is a cloud based transport software. This means you can access and work with it from anywhere 7/24. Thus, the unnecessary administrative costs disappear and increase the efficiency of your company.

Customer management in seconds!

Create an edge over your competition with our Transportlogy software for transport & logistics companies, with which you can also work abroad or from home.
Our transport, logistics and customer management software Transportlogy meets all your customer management needs:

  • Create new customers or edit existing customers
  • Create notes or upload documents
  • Create and send invoices in a flash
  • Create internal annotations that are visible only to yourself
  • Simplified customer overview with search and filter functions
  • Online customer portal for your own customers
  • Appointment calendar & push notifications for your customers
  • Emails & newsletters, send individually or in bulk
  • A dashboard with all the statistics you need

Thanks to our highly secured cloud, your data is stored in seconds and sorts the data so that you can find everything in one click with the customer management software.

Create new customers or manage existing customers with just one click!

With our Transportlogy Logistics & Transport Software customer management program, you can manage your customers with one click. In addition, you have the option to determine which payment method your customers use to settle their invoices. Our user-friendly software interface is straightforward and very easy to use.

Invoice, credit note & incoming credit note

Don’t waste time creating invoices and credit notes. The software program, developed by Kodlogy Technologies, helps you create invoices for your customers with a huge time saving. You can send the shipments of the invoices to your customers in seconds. Many companies also work with an incoming credit. The incoming credit note, just like a credit note, has its own consecutive number. Mostly this is used by big companies like FedEx, Amazon, DHL and co. If you are working with these companies, then this is a must for your business.

Invoices to be released

Transport and logistics companies often have several departments that enter orders. An invoice will be issued for these orders at the end of the month. Often, this leads to chaos and a huge time commitment.

In the customer management program Transportlogy, an “invoice to be released” or or directly an invoice can be created for entered orders. Invoices to be released can be controlled by you at the end of the month and converted to an invoice. This will save you precious time and avoid chaos, as you won’t have to write a new invoice, but can change the invoice to be released into an invoice with one click. You can either combine the orders all into one invoice, create a separate invoice for each order, or add them to the next recurring invoice.

Create notes and upload documents in seconds!

You want to insert an event to your customers? No problem, because the software program developed by Kodlogy Technologies allows you to enter notes for your customers very quickly and easily. A very important point that we put a lot of emphasis on is document management. Thanks to our fast and highly secured servers, you can create and retrieve documents in the customer file in seconds.

No more unnecessary searching thanks to our customer management program!

Transportlogy frees up your time when searching for documents. The software system helps you to find the documents, invoices, clients, etc. in seconds. The filtering system we have developed and integrated into our Transportlogy software relieves you of all the searching.

An online portal, which is available 24/7 and worldwide for you and your customers!

With our online customer portal, you and your customers have an overview and access to all documents and data at any time and no matter where you are. Whether your employees are in the office or in the home office access is possible at any time thanks to our web-based software. In the portal, you as a company have an overview of all customer files and your customers can pay their invoices at any time 24/7 and globally with just one click. The system includes everything a customer management software should do.

Customer management software with appointment calendar!

You can customize your schedule. Entry of appointments, meetings, calls, conversations and similar things is done in seconds as recurring or one-time. The determination remains fully with you. Not only can you enter appointments, but also reminders that, for example, every day, every week, every month or every year, the Systen reminds you and your customers automatically. Plan once and have no more worries!

Push notifications that remind you of important things

In order for your customers to receive your messages carefully and securely, we as Kodlogy team have integrated the push notification function in the Transportlogy software program. So you can be relieved and no longer worry whether the customer have received your messages or not. Thanks to the push notification, every customer gets your messages with 100% security.

Send emails & newsletters individually or in bulk!

With our Transportlogy software program we have created a new era in the world of transport & logistics.
With one click, you can reach your customers no matter what time of day or where they are. Thanks to our software solution, we increase the efficiency of your company and thus reduce your administrative expenses.

A dashboard with all statistics at a glance!

Transportlogy’s dashboard shows you all the statistics and analysis of your customers at a glance. Thus, you have a perfect assessment of each customer and can better determine the values in the future.

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