Electronic driving log & logbook

Elektronisches Lenkprotokoll, Elektronisches Fahrtenbuch, Digitales Lenkprotokoll, Digitales Fahrtenbuch
Digitized records - with the employee APP

Driving time

Rest breaks

Signature of the driver


Other working hours

Steering pauses

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Steering log 100% legally compliant according to the Steering Log Ordinance (LP-VO)

Through several discussions and consultations with the labor inspection for drivers, we have the digital driving log – with exception and driving log – no exception under § 5 para. 3 LP-VO, within the legal framework for Europe and especially Austria adapted for you Digital. No GPS device is required for the digital steering log. If desired, it can also be connected to a GPS telematics solution.

Saving costs through environmental protection
Example: A company with 100 drivers saves on average about 27,000 pieces of paper per year. With the printing costs you save about € 1000 per year.

Digital steering log

When driving motor vehicles on public roads, a driving log must be kept. This applies to all those who are not exempt from the steering log requirement or if no EU control unit is fitted. Drivers who are affected by this are usually familiar with it as a paper form that takes time and effort to fill out each time. In case of an inspection, the records of the last 28 days must be shown by the driver.

  • Ready to hand at any time
    With the electronic steering log, your drivers can show the steering log at any time.
  • Legally compliant
    All required information is recorded electronically. If something is edited, every change is documented in detail.
  • Automatic online archive
    Daily digital steering log. The PDF format can be exported within the desired time period. The archive can be kept as long as the legal and mandatory archiving period.

Electronic steering log automatic mileage logging

If your fleet is equipped with a GPS telematics device, we can connect it to Transportlogy. Your driver then only has to select the vehicle and the real mileage is automatically recorded. We cooperate with all known telematics providers such as:
Samsara, Webfleet (TomTom), StreetWatch, Arvento, Mapon, GpsGate, and many more.

Steering log digital

Their drivers change vehicles while on duty. In this case, this must also be recorded in the steering log. The license plate number, driving times, breaks (rest periods, driving breaks) and mileage must normally be recorded in writing in the driving log. Transportlogy frees you and your employees from tedious paperwork, as the driving log can also be recorded digitally. In just a few seconds, you have added and saved another vehicle with the data filled in.

  • Simply
    The TMS software with the electronic steering log is clear. self-explanatory and limited to a few functions for your drivers.
  • Available for all platforms
    The driver app is available in the Apple Store, the Google Play Store, and the Huawei App Gallery.

Environmentally friendly - Go Green

Many companies are already trying to work sustainably. The idea is that companies can make a greater contribution to environmental protection than a single person. It’s often the little things that are easy to overlook but have a big impact. When it comes to transport & logistics companies, the first thing that comes to mind is of course the vehicle fleet, where many companies now rely on electric vehicles. But there is one thing that is just as important: not using paper. Large companies consume several tons of paper and that per year.

The electronic driving log not only saves you the expense of paper and printer cartridges, but is also sustainable.

Electronic logbook

In principle, there is no tax obligation to keep a diary! However, company car drivers must pay tax on private use and provide evidence of a proportion of their private journeys. To do this, you can keep a logbook or apply the 1% rule instead.

1% regulation

Digital logbook & Transportlogy

You don’t have to worry about whether your employees are filling out the logbook correctly. Since each driver has his own profile and starts the journey to work at the beginning of the working day or in the case of the logbook, it is enough to select the vehicle. The driving times, mileage and addresses are automatically filled in by the interface to the GPS telematics provider. All your driver has to do is select the vehicle and press “Start journey” or “End journey”.

  • Save time
    Your employee no longer has to fill out slips of paper by hand and can get back to their work in seconds, making them more efficient for your business.
  • No paperwork
    Slips of paper are easily lost. Also, you have to either archive the notes into folders or scan them to access them later. An electronic logbook from Transportlogy automatically archives the logbook of each vehicle.
  • Save money
    Especially for companies with a larger fleet, the sum makes the money. If your employees also use the vehicle privately, it makes sense to keep a logbook.
Save money with Transportlogy + GPS Telematics

Electronic steering log

Electronic logbook